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Hi Steven,

Congratulations to you for pulling off a FULL HOUSE attendance for the Gala Reception last Saturday evening for The Art of Digital Show at the Lyceum Theater Gallery. The display of digital art was beautifully presented. Thank you for choosing a spot for Richard's "MegaZin" that was well lit and at eye level. With so many participating artists' works, I can appreciate the show occupying as much of the wall space at the gallery as possible. There was art everywhere. The printing format of the gallery title cards (identifying the artwork, artist name and pricing) was very well done... very classy. Compliments also to you for acquiring strong sponsorships for the show. Firstly, the Catalog is gorgeous. Secondly, the 2nd Place Winner "Self-Illumination" was a charming image. Terrific. The awards distributed at the end of the evening were elegant, and, of course, the Honorable Mention certificates are very attractive and make a nice keepsake. You covered all the bases on aesthetics Steven, and the caterers supplying the hors d'oeuvres were top-notch. The event was really fun and a huge success!

Again, fabulous show. Talk with you soon,


Hello Steven and the Team

You guys did a great job of organizing and promoting the Opening Reception. The Show drew the right audience. Everyone seemed to linger and enjoy the art, the event, and personal interaction. Your team was very professional, the art well displayed, and I'm proud to have been selected to contribute digital images to this event.


Steven, thank you! It was a spectacular weekend, and I am grateful to have been part of it! The program was particularly beautiful! What an honor.


Hi Steven,

Thanks for putting on such a spectacular show! My wife and I had a really good time and I will definitely submit some work next year.


Hi Steven!

I want to once again thank you and your staff for putting on a great show. I truly enjoyed the event and diversity of art and international scope.


Dear Steven,

Thank you for all your hospitality while I was in San Diego. The show was beautifully installed and I was pleased to meet some of the other artists. Thank you again for everything,


Dear Steven,

I am glad the reception was a smashing success and that the show received well deserved positive press coverage. Bravo!!! There is some truly amazing work on display.

Best Wishes,


I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you. You have put together a wonderful show and I am honored to be a part of it. Tremendous job, I look forward to next year.


Hi Steven,

I wish to thank you for the opening of The Art of Digital Show last evening. I met interesting people (viewers) and great connections with other artists, as well as viewing their work. This was an opportunity for interaction with people interested in my work, from San Diego and around the world. I hope you are able to relax a bit -- it took a lot of work and organization to put this show together. Thank you again for all of your help and time.


Hi Steven!

Congratulations on retaining Neal Benezra as your judge - a testament to the high quality of your digital art show!  Wish you the very best!!

Kind regards,

Wow, it seems that San Diego is THE happening place in the world for digital art!  I can't wait to come see your exhibit in October!


Steven, these glorious images made me just weep the sort of tears I have no former memory of. Thank you for sharing them. I wish you much continued success. Best wishes to you always!

From sunny Texas,

Dear Steven:

I wanted to thank you for putting together a WONDERFUL event earlier this evening. I am just amazed at all you, Lisa and those who have helped you have accomplished in just a few short years. It has been a joy to watch this develop and I am impressed at your talent and foresight---and the ability to host what must be a stressful event while remaining calm and personable. There were so many interesting and genuinely nice folks at the reception, as well. I'm so glad I was in town and able to attend. I was able to talk with at least a dozen of the artists, and so enjoyed the conversations. I heard so many positive comments about the show and the evening. Good job!!

Best to you, Lisa and the rest of the staff--


Hi Steven,

Thanks so much for all the effort you must have put in to this. Not living in San Diego, I had no idea until the opening how big a deal this show is. I was really impressed with everything about the show and the opening, and I am very grateful to be in it. A number of my friends came to the opening, including a whole bunch from Los Angeles, some from the La Jolla Indian reservation in Pauma Valley, and even one from Minneapolis. Every one of them had a great time.

The catalog is awesome!

Last but not least, I worked with Tim at LACMA for a few years when he first started there, and I was afraid that I had gotten in to the show because he remembered my name. I was greatly relieved to find out from him on Saturday that he did not know my name when he selected my photo, so I'm an all-around happy camper right now.

Thanks again.


I just wanted to mention that the website interface for your competition is by far the most sophisticated, elegant, easy to use and functional operation of its kind I have EVER used. The whole thing worked exquisitely. And I have gone through that process recently with quite a few galleries and exhibitions (web based and prehistoric paper-age based). Most of them are frustrating in their primitive structure or performance problems or both! You have set a very high standard here and everyone involved on every level of the design, engineering and maintenance of the artists' interface should be patted on the back! I really mean it. Thanks from all of us artists out there in cyberspace and the world.


Dear Steven,

Thanks to all of you (Art of Digital Show team and Lyceum Theatre) for such a great event and for including "Uncle Tom's Condi Rice" in the exhibition. It's a risky venture hanging overtly political work. Even riskier to have such a piece hang, well, so blatantly in the public face. Thanks!

It must be said that San Diego is a very sweet city with a people just as sweet. (Very unlike Los Angeles where we are just way too silly about our "cool factor"). I hope I wasn't too much of a bull in a china shop and that my political irreverence and passion didn't offend too many. It was a grand night. The staff, the food, the drinks, the service were all outstanding.

I am still in awe of the breadth of talent in the show and how you all managed to pull off a great event. I've organized festivals and openings over the years and you all did a fantastic job. Kudos.

Please keep me in the loop of other Art of Digital Show happenings. Again, many thanks.


It was awesome!!!! Keep up the good work!

Warmest Regards,

Dear Steven:

What a great show you and the other folks put on. My parents and myself really enjoyed ourselves. Thank everybody for me please. This was a very important time in my life to have my work selected for your show. I am looking forward to next year.

I thank everybody very very much again.



I thought your show was a huge did a great job organizing it and bringing in some amazing artists.


Hi Steven,

The event last night was terrific, and the exhibition very impressive! I'm honored to be a part of it!

Also, I think the catalog is beautiful! The reproduction of the images came out so well, and it was designed in a very user friendly yet elegant way. Congratulations!

Thanks for all of your hard work.

Best regards,

Success, Mr. Churchill! The Gala was wonderful last night. Having been involved with event planning myself, I must say everything was beyond amazing. Everyone involved definitely deserves commendation on their efforts. Everyone was extremely welcoming and the atmosphere of beautiful people added to the lovely ambiance. I wish you much success in the future and would like to express my gratitude again for keeping our Westin San Diego hotel guests in mind.

Take care...

Hi Steven,

Just wanted to congratulate you on such a fantastic show! The images were so inspiring!!


Steven, great show; really wonderful!


Hi Steven,

I just wanted to congratulate you on the success of all your hard work in putting together yet another wonderful exhibition. Your creative efforts in putting this together every year is clearly making a serious mark in the art world and provides so many opportunities and connections for photographers and buyers/art lovers - it's so nice to see an artist's energies so visionary beyond himself and having the prestige and respect that comes along with the success of all that hard work - so well-deserved.

By the looks of the reception and the worldwide response to this now, you have really created something special!

Take care,

Hi Steven,

Wow! The opening was fantastic! I heard from so many of my friends that is was a great show and event.


YOUR A HIT!! Way to go! Everyone was impressed with the show and the reception. I thought it was a wonderful event! Thanks for everything!



I was talking with another artist here in Tucson and we agreed that you are doing a great thing by marketing your show so heavily....major kudos to you. Here in Tucson and in other places, the contemporary art community sometimes forgets that artists want to be financially and critically successful,....that most of us have other work that supports the art work, that we want to sell our wares. You haven't forgotten this, and I and others really appreciate it.


Hi Steven,

You and your crew pulled off one magnificent event. Kudos to you all!


Kudos on the great media coverage and on the wonderful turnout for the opening reception. I'll make my way down to the Lyceum this week to check out the show. Can't wait!


Congratulations again on the exhibit and your organizational skills.


Hi Steven!

I am delighted that the show was a success. It is a shame that I am sitting here in Belgium and couldn't attend. However, my parents and some friends attended, and said it was an absolutely wonderful event, not only the images, but the catered hors' dourves, the catalog and the whole atmosphere. They were very impressed. The success of the exhibition has inspired me to continue creating new digital work, and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to have participated. You have done a remarkable job in organizing this event.



Thank you for the invitation to submit my work for your consideration. I am appreciative of the exposure no matter what the outcome. Please keep my contact info on your list as I would be delighted to be invited to submit my work for the gallery show next year. Thanks again for inviting me and I wish you and the project smashing success! Thanks for putting on such an artist friendly show.


Hi Steven,

I just got the catalog from the show today and I wanted let you know that it might be the nicest catalog I have every been included in, not to mention that this is the first I've been able to see the entire exhibit, and the work is just beautiful. I'm am so honored to have been a part of this show! Thank you so much.


Hello Steven,

Thank you so much for the invitation to your reception. The art was absolutely fantastic. What's more, I think I should go out and buy a camera, as my love for photography was renewed! I wish you much success. Your hard work and dedication was truly reflected through the show. Best of luck.




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